IO7. Flipped Classroom Lights (and Shadows)


 With the process of the project we found out how really the Flipped Class method works and affects to people. We worked with people of different generations, and we have seen that people with lower age are really open to understand this technique.

The main objective of the project here has been monitoring pilots to detect pros and contras of working this way, and if there are possibilities to overcome the difficulties and fails of the pilots.

This output has been done in 3 steps:

07.1 Design of tests and results data treatment

The first activity deals with the develop of all the needed methods to evaluate the performance of the pilots, in all the levels: methodologically, technologically, personally form a teacher perspective and also from a student perspective.
All of this have been analyzed and gave a los of information about how the pilots have worked.

O7.2 Flipped Classroom Lights and Shadows First Version and
O7.3 Flipped Classroom Lights and Shadows Final Version

All the information elaborated in first activity for the pilot with teachers have been analyzed here, and we have developed a report with all the good things, but also difficulties and problems. What has worked and what has failed.
There are recommendations that are an input for the second version of the Handbook.

As we can see in the surveys, the general feeling of the students is quite positive, although several proposals have been found that show that only using Flipped Classroom is not a perfect method either.

Regarding teacher questionnaires, the positive feeling about the Flipped Classroom proposal predominated, although proposals and doubts have been raised that show that this is not a perfect method. Before applying it, it must taken into account certain issues that are not been think of at first, even if they are of high preference.

Regarding the general satisfaction at the time of contemplating if the teaching staff would apply this method in their classes, there are varied answers. Some teachers have taken a positive view of Flipped Teaching. Others, however, for various reasons, have decided not to flip their class.

Here you can check our Lights & Shadows document.

This is our Lights and Shadows poster (IG2):

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