IO5. Internal Pilot with Teachers


„The proof of the pudding is in the eating” or „The dress rehearsal for the study”

Once the virtual platform is set, we will take the training program for a trial run. O5 A1 is a pilot run with teachers about „Service Based Learning” The aim of this pilot is to find and fix issues with tasks before the real courses. To help ensure a smoother test and stronger results and assess which parts work and which ones need improvement. Tasks, that can seem perfectly clear to us and our team, can be confusing or misleading to participants. Pilot testing helps fine-tune usability studies, leading to more reliable results.

We will pilot the whole environment.

First we need to recruit teachers, who match our target profile for pilot studies.

We will contact 5 VET schools per country. Teachers will be the first, in piloting the system as students. This is the best way to understand the possibilities of the framework. This test will allow to generate the second version of the handbook with the experience.

This way the teachers will be testing and getting used to the learning process that they will be running with their students afterwards. Particularly important to try the portfolio and rubrics evaluation. Nevertheless, they will learn how to create their own itineraries in the environment. ‚Äč

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