IO5 - IO6. Internal Pilot with Teachers and Students


bag 1868758 1920The content of this article is based on the results obtained from the Intellectual Outputs 5 and 6 on the pilots that were carried out with the teachers and students. Although the Intellectual Outputs 5 and 6 are not funded by Erasmus+ programme, it was decided that it was necessary to include them in the contents of Flipping First because of the importance they have in the development, results and evaluations of the project.

In these pilots, the Flipped Classroom concept has been put into practice, which has been developed since the beginning of the project. The IO 5 was made with the idea of ​​developing it for teachers, and the IO 6 for students. The pilot of teachers (IO 5) has been carried out based on the course prepared in Moodle on Teacher Training, while that of students (IO 6) has been done on the moodle course of Entrepreneurship and Tourism. These pilots have been carried out in all the partner countries of the project (Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Poland), with a total participation between the two pilots (teachers and students) of more than a thousand participants.

The student pilot (IO 6) has been carried out with a total participation of 1247 people, highlighting its largest participation in Belgium. On the other hand, the teachers pilot has had a participation of 289 people in 25 schools with a greater participation also in Belgium and the Netherlands.

At the end of the pilots, some satisfaction surveys were conducted on their results, in which the participation was satisfactory and the evaluation was very positive. However, although there were no complaints, there were also proposals and doubts were asked to improve on the project.

These proposals have been reflected in the Intellectual Output 7, "Lights and Shadows".


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