IO4. Flipping Framework Implementation



This output is about implementing the "internet side" of the framework. The created videos now are splitted in a platform into courses and topics, besides activities and tests to deepen the contents, creating an environment including all this contents.

This consists on all the platforms needed to carry out the learning processes, both in the way of learning itinerarie and social interaction. The platforms selected for that are Moodle for the eLearning part, and Mahara for the social one.


Moodle allows us to create teachers and students in the platform, permitting the teacher to support the students learning process, managing the contents and the tasks.

Both platforms create an environment to make easier and promote the Flipped Classroom concept, a Flipping Framework.

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Each partner has created a category in Moodle where they have uploaded all the resources in their language.

Follow this link for the project Moodle platform

Click on the following link to see our developed courses:

Check our developed courses!

 In order to access the courses you will nedd an access account in the Moodle plartform. If you do not have one yet, please contact with your local national partner.

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