Flipping First Outputs


DSC 3874All the partners combine technical, methodological, assessment methods, curriculum development, talent development, and the the development of teacher and student competencies. Which gives the project a clear chance of success and also a good sustainability option, as partners will go on after the project end using the concept and the resources. Partners are used to communicate on line, and a set of communication tools will be deployed for successful implementation of the project. These communication tools will ensure the effective cooperation among all partner organizations and relevant stakeholders. Moreover, it will make possible fast and practical management of the project. The distribution of management tasks will be:

  • General management and EU reporting will be lead by Jaitek,
  • Exploitation by SZAMALK
  • Dissemination by Prowork
  • Evaluation Plan by Pro-work
  • Technological Plan by INNEO
  • Communication by AHS...
  • ... and Social Networks by ETA


All partners will participate in all the outputs but one partner will be responsible of each one as follow:

-O1. Flipping Framework Design by AHS. This will design the whole project framework, with tools possibilities and resources templates.

-O2. Flipclass Handbook by ETA. This will be the “bible” for teachers about how to deal with the framework and produce their own lessons resources

-O3. Resources by JAITEK.The resources will be created following the instructional design. Those resources will be videos, animations and web 2.0 (videoscribe, powtoon, prezi, …).

-O4. Flipping Framework Implementation by Jaitek. Resources created will be included in 6 courses, 2 for teacher training, 2 for Entrepreneurship and 2 for Tourism ensuring in both cases the 3 strands (VET, High School and Pre-NEET) together with personalization options to address inclusion and disadvantages students.

-O5 Pilot with Teachers by SZAMALK. Teachers will be the first in piloting the system as students. This is the best way to understand the possibilities of the framework. This test will allow to generate the second version of the handbook with the experience.

-O6 Students Pilot by INNEO. All the partners will work with 5 VET schools in their countries and at the same timework 1 company per country, in one of the two areas of knowledge. This test will allow to generate the final version of the handbook with the experience.

-O7. Flipped Classroom Lights (and shadows) by Prowork. This will monitor pilots and detect pros and contras of working this way, and if there are possibilities to overcome the difficulties and fails of the pilots. It a final input for the final handbook.

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